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The "It works for BOTH of US" Gift Set

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This is how our "IT WORKS FOR BOTH OF US" gift set plays out....


It's Valentines Day, and things are getting a little hot and bothered.  You, turned on by the essence of Sex Panther Beard Oil from Beard Friendly... let things go a little further than usual and break out the Furry Handcuffs from ACE Hackware.  Wary that your significant other forgot your SAFE WORD, you reach out for your Everyday Carry Handcuff Shim (or if it's too far away, the Everyday Carry Invisible Handcuff Key you have clipped to your bed sheet.  Now with a little breathing room... the night turns into the morning.  It's a little late to take a shower to get to work, so you surprise him with some Beard Tamer so he can shape that manly scruff and bring home the bacon.